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Culinary Boutique is a unique culinary experience, which was created after recognizing an unmet need amongst Dubai’s foodies and cooking enthusiasts

Located in one of the most prestigious areas in Dubai, Culinary Boutique opened in late 2015. It was founded by Hessa al Qassim with a strong purpose to introduce cooking as more than just a hobby. I can say that upon entering the cafe, I was impressed with the delicate interior architecture and welcoming atmosphere. However, what stood out for me was the second floor of the cafe; holding a terrace and a cooking school. The exceptional hospitality we received from the members of the cafe made our dining experience (myself and Dee) a much more enjoyable one.

Cooking school
If you’re up for a challenge, you may want to book a class with Culinary’s Boutique’s cooking school. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a practicing cook; you can take a look at their schedule and possibly find a class that suits the experience you’re looking for. There are over 100 options to pick from, so that could be a start!

Culinary Boutique doesn’t limit itself to just offering delicious food; you can reserve their venue for events, private parties or corporate meetings while enjoying some of their delectables, fresh from the oven.

The cafe has a warm and intricate interior that combines between minimalist, eclectic and a hint of modern Scandinavian architecture. There is a regular indoor seating area on the bottom floor, an outdoor terrace near the main entrance and a terrace on the roof of the cafe – leading to the beautiful streets of Jumeirah.

The menu features various dishes but just specific enough not to be overwhelming. The chefs informed us that everything on the menu had been carefully picked and tested, so as to ensure that they meet their customers’ expectations as well as their own.

The chefs have absolute confidence in all of their dishes, however, I was blown away with the ones Dee and I got to try: Ritzy Lychee (drink), Lobster Tail (starter), Truffle Ravioli with Quail Egg and Fresh Black Truffle (starter), Turkey Quinoa Salad, Romain and Smoked Chicken Salad, Smoked Salmon and Avocado Mousse (sandwich), Matcha Chocolate Fondant (dessert) and the Creme Brûlée (dessert).

I am looking forward to paying a visit during the early hours; we were recommended to try out their breakfast menu – and frankly, who wouldn’t want to enjoy great food and a great view?

Fun fact: you can purchase vouchers from Culinary Boutique for a loved one for an enjoyable experience cooking at the Cafe’s cooking school!

Dubai, Jumeirah Road, Villa 56 (near Mercato Mall)
Cafe: 8am – 10pm (daily),
Cooking school: 8am – 9pm (daily)
+9714 345 0023
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